Monday, January 16, 2017

Welcome to National Socialism

I know all about Godwin's law ("Sick of Godwin's Law") and the like, but I cannot help saying it, as it is true, Trump is inaugurating national socialism, and the GOP is following along. Of course, this is not precisely a surprise. Within the GOP "big tent" there has always been a nationalist element ("The Problem With the Big Tent", "Why We Have RINOs"), and even mainstream conservative have some nationalist elements in their immigration polices and some in their anti-Islam rhetoric ("No More Double Standards") Nor is the GOP uniformly opposed to big government and socialism. Social conservatives have often promoted big government solutions to social problems, and the mainstream GOP has often followed along as the Democrats pushed big government, so maybe it was inevitable the GOP would eventually become the party of national socialism, but it is still disappointing.

Of course, for some, this seems natural. Those who believe in the absurd political spectrum we were taught in school ("The Political Spectrum") see conservatism as a step on the way to national socialism, and so see this move as natural, just like the Democrats becoming close to communism. But the truth is, socialism, or big government authoritarianism of any sort, is not unavoidable, and certainly is not the anchor at either end of some political spectrum. There are other positions, and at one time the GOP was (in name, at least) endorsing one of them, being for free trade, small government and federalism.

But that is now done.

And thus, for those of us who believe in small government, individual liberty, free trade and localized power, there remains no party. Even the third parties supposedly calling for freedom have their issues (cf "Why I am not a Libertarian"). I keep hoping one day a new party will arise which will represent my beliefs, but for now we are left with a two party system where national socialism vies with international socialism.

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