Tuesday, July 4, 2017

It Has Been A Long Time

I am surprised every time I return to this site and realize how long it has been since I wrote anything. Then again, I suppose real life just caught up with me and I did not find the time to write. Though, perhaps that is an excuse. I was about to write "between family and work and home and medical problems and other hobbies", but realized all of those really don't take up all of my time, I could easily have written, but I didn't. Perhaps it is just as simple as, recognizing I have few, if any, readers, and realizing this amounts to writing for myself, I just did not feel all that motivated to write political commentary only I would read. I honestly do not know. Whatever the reason, I suppose I should stop posting empty promises of regular posts in the future and admit, for the immediate future, posts will be irregular, at best.

If you stop by and feel inspired to comment, please do so; I will check from time to time. And as the mood strikes I may write something new. Then again, I have said so much, there is not a lot of new ground to cover, unless I want to delve into the peculiarities and problems of the new president, and that is a rather depressing subject, not one likely to inspire a lot of enthusiasm. Then again, you never know, perhaps the foolishness about "health care reform" or minimum wage or some other topic will motivate me. We shall see.

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