Sunday, July 9, 2017

Lack of Self-Awareness Award

I have found the most amazing article. The Guardian, usually reliable on news and good, if liberal, in commentary, has an absolutely astonishing article on climate change and those opposing the belief in AGW.

Before I begin, let me say, I do not subscribe to the idea of an AGW promoting conspiracy. I believe science is probably somewhat driven by funding, consensus and especially political patronage (see this article for one description), and perhaps some groups use it to push an alternate agenda, but in general I believe most promoting it believe in AGW.

Let me also say I believe in climate change, though I am not certain about the degree of man's involvement, nor what the current direction indicates, and I am very skeptical of the most catastrophic models, if only because they do not reverse well. Finally, I agree CO2 and water vapor do retard the re-radiation of IR radiation, but the total effect is still not entirely clear, or, rather the theoretical effect is well known, what is not known are the other confounding factors, the feedbacks of modern climate models.

Having said all that, this article is amazing.

The topic in question is a valid one, how skepticism of AGW on the right has turned into skepticism about motives and belief in a conspiratorial climate agenda. I had no problem with the topic, but I kept saying in my head "Isn't this what the believers say about and other skeptics? Do they not impugn their motives and funding? Is this not the same on both sides?"

But the article did not need my commentary. In a remarkable fit of lack of self awareness, it immediately launched into a discussion of the petrochemical industry and the Kochs and began impugning the motives of those pushing the anti-AGW line.

Not that it is surprising. For all the right's recent embrace of conspiratorial thinking may be criticized by the left, they have long had a number of mainstream conspiracy theories. Just think of how they view "big business" or "Wall Street". It is entertaining to hear someone on the left criticize "conspiracy theories" on the right, only to talk about how it is all being pushed by Big Business.

But this article definitely takes the cake, and thus, for its complete lack of self awareness in exhibiting the very behaviors it is criticizing, I have to give it the day's Lack of Self-Awareness Award.

PS: I am missing the link for the article on how funding can drive consensus. Once I find it I will add the link. [2017/07/30 - I finally found the article I wanted to cite and updated the link.]

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